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What is a Sports Agent?
A sports agent is someone who is given authority to transact business for a professional athlete. A contract between a sports agent and an athlete forms the basis of agreement regarding both compensation for the agent and the nature of the agent’s authority to act on behalf of the athlete.


Athlete Connect is the only comprehensive, searchable, dynamic sports agent database in the world. Athlete Connect not only includes complete contact information and sports agent contact details within the sports agencies, but it also includes a listing of professional athletes and their sports agents.


Sports Agent University was created by a group of professionals from several of the leading universities in the world. The university curriculum developers have represented some of the finest professional athletes across all of the major sports.


You have the option of benefiting tremendously from Event Meeting because you’ll be formally introduced to various sports agents and/or sports professionals at selected sporting events throughout the year. Because of the unique nature of this service, membership to the Corporate Edition is limited to only a selected number of individuals and groups per year.

This course is intended for students who have completed the introductory course The Life of a Sports Agent. Over the course of four weeks, students will master the process of becoming certified as a sports agent, registering with the Players’ Unions, registering with the respective state(s), and abiding by the laws and regulations associated with acting as an agent.

Student athletes on the verge of becoming professional athletes can utilize the Athlete Connect database to learn about sports agents and their clients. Athlete Connect access credentials for student athletes are available through the students’ collegiate athletics compliance department.


This course is an examination of some of the legal and ethical issues likely to be encountered by the sports agent, sports business manager, and how they may affect business operations and financial decisions. Over the course of four weeks, students will become familiar with the laws and ethical considerations that must be addressed with pursuing an athlete or negotiating a player contract with a team.

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